Shangri-La Hambantota

Hotel, Landscape / Sri Lanka / Illuminate Singapore / Completed in 2017


The recently completed Shangri-La Resorts is a jewel along the coastline of Hambantota, Sri-Lanka, spanning across 56 hectare plantation land. Illuminate was engaged for Masterplanning, Resort Interior and Exterior, Villa Lighting, Water Park and SPA lighting.

The resort’s lighting reflects a dynamic energy through quirky elements that add a fun layer to the landscape. For instance, the experience of entering into the resort is ushered by a string of suspended lanterns which float between coconut trees as a feature element. This created a striking welcome scene that leads users through a winding landscape all the way to the drop-off.   These lanterns were explored in terms of different shapes and forms and were used to great effect to create a cohesive language throughout the resort. 

Moonlighting was used to create pooling effects that establish a sense of wonder and discovery along the pathways towards glowing area destinations. Low level lighting in the form of basket weave bollards create theatrical patterns and tikki torches add a sense of warmth and texture to the environment.

For the interior, the lighting embellishes the interior finishes and structure, with particular attention to the enhancement of the many artisanal sculpture collections. These artefacts come to life through lighting.  

For this project, we interfaced with various consultants; from the architect, interior designers, landscape architects, spa consultant & contractor to work within limited budget and deliver exceptional quality.


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