Illuminate is a lighting design consultancy working with architects, interior designers, landscape architects.
A successful lighting scheme should be a seamless, complimentary layer to an interior or exterior; the user of the space should be blissfully unaware of its presence, and yet be able to fully appreciate the space in all its realized glory.

Every surface of a room can have its own part to play in a larger story; it is how we manipulate and change each of these elements that affects the outcome of the novel. At Illuminate, lighting design is considered in layers, and it is by the intelligent grouping of lights into these layers that allows the manipulation of a space to suit the desired task or ambience.
We tailor our lighting design consultancy services to suit the requirements of each client, below are just some of the services we offer:

Full Lighting Design Package
Concept, Development, Specification and Implementation in one complete lighting design package. Illuminate will design, follow and supervise the entire process ensuring the finished lighting scheme is in line with the original concept proposal

Lighting Concept Proposal
From a PowerPoint presentation through to a bound coffee table booklet, the lighting design concept can be used as a design guide or as a promotional selling tool. We can use the artwork supplied or if required create from scratch.

Lighting Strategy
Whilst similar to the concept proposal a lighting strategy would take the process a stage further identifying generic fixtures and lamp types which can be referred to for future development along with a set of rules to ensure future compliance.

Custom Light Fixture
We are sometimes asked to or required on a project to design a bespoke lighting fixture. This can be in the form of conceptual sketches through to overseeing the mock up and supervising the final finished installation.
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