Phase I Lighting Concept Design

Preliminary design of conceptual lighting scheme solutions to aid the client in visualizing the final installation.

Illuminate Lighting Design - Concept

Phase II Lighting Design Development

Developing the lighting design concept into a drawing package enabling the rest of the design team to understand the implications and requirements. This would also include an indicative luminaire breakdown (listing lamp type wattage and distribution requirements) and control strategy (showing types of controls for the design areas: scene, timer clock, automated, event etc.).

Illuminate Lighting Design -Development

Phase III Documentation

Full lighting scheme layouts including plans, elevations and details along with luminaire and control specification, which would be sufficient for tender, pricing and installation.

Illuminate Lighting Design - Documentation

Phase IV Installation

Overseeing the lighting installation and responding to site queries, through to the final commissioning ensuring the concept is fully delivered on site.

Illuminate Lighting Design - Installation